In Episode 41 The Occupational Philosophers chat with Tiffany Markman, an international speaker, trainer and writer, known for her work on communication, messaging, marketing and more.

She’s collaborated with over 450 brands worldwide — both big and small — over the last 17 years, encountering writing that ranges from the sublime to the absurd. She’s also delivered keynote addresses, created masterclasses and presented training in 14 countries.

She likes her coffee strong and black, her paragraphing short and tight and her apostrophes in all the right places. She also has insatiable appetite for reading about cults, multi-level marketing schemes and crypto scammers who fake their own deaths!

In this episode, they explore:

  • The global study that explores the 4 creative competencies which will help boost your own creative awesomeness 
  • Why you need to capture & record your ideas…without judgement!
  • How challenging yourself and stepping outside your comfort zone is essential to creativity & growth
  • Why broadening your skills beyond your current niche will help improve your creative output
  • How to immerse yourself in different environments and seek out new stimuli which will feed into your work
  • The top 3 tips to be a successful freelancer
  • And why you should never, ever, be an insular asshole!

As always, there are some original thought experiments and this time they have:

  • Copyright or Copywrong?
  • Cat or Bat?

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The Occupational Philosophers is a not-so-serious business podcast to spark creativity, curiosity, and imagination. 

Every fortnight, John, a mild-mannered, middle-aged British man with a love of curiosity and philosophy, and a slightly louder, middle-aged Australian surfer man, artist, and published author on creativity chat with guests drawn from many walks of life who have woven creativity, curiosity and play into their everyday lives – and thrived personally and professionally in the process.

So, if you would like to listen to a “not so serious business podcast” and would like some thoughts, tools, and tips on staying curious, creative, and asking those really great questions (and leading a most interesting life in the process) then this is the podcast you have been waiting for all your life. Well, maybe not all your life, but for a while…

You can check it all out at 

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