In Episode 55, The Occupational Philosophers again chat with another ‘delight’ of guests, Cathy Taberner and Kirsten Siggins 

Mmmm, sounds interesting. Tell me more….

Cathy and Kirsten are the Mother/Daughter Founders of the  Institute Of Curiosity and with a name like that, we just had to have them on the show!! 

And a little more information about them both:

  • Kathy Taberner: Coach, Author, Speaker, MA, CEC, PCC. Kathy enjoys hiking, skiing, kayaking, and sharing delicious food and wine with family and friends.
  • Kirsten Siggins: Coach, Author, TEDx Speaker, BA, CEC. Kirsten is a curiosity nerd, wannabe chef, and adventurer who loves a full table and all things design.

Both are the co-authors of “The Power of Curiosity” – How To Have Real Conversations That Create Collaboration, Innovation and Understanding’

(Yes, they are as nice as they sound!) 

In this episode, they explore: 

  • Why curiosity should be at the heart of all conversations 
  • When a professional’s back is up against the wall, they hear their parent’s voice come out of their mouth. 
  • Why we need to get curious and not furious 
  • Three essential curiosity skills to use in conversations
  • Why Gremlins can be our biggest obstacle to becoming more curious
  • How setting the intention to be curious can change everything 
  • Why we need to be more curious and less furious 
  • Why checking bathing costume fabric is so important 

As always, there are some great thought experiments including Mother and Daughter Bingo with “Who said that?” 


The Occupational Philosophers hope you enjoy the show (they really enjoyed making this episode of their not-so-serious business podcast.) And as The Occupational Philosophers always say: stay curious, make stuff, play more, have fun, and date life.

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