Ep.69 – Inbetweeners: If your job add is looking for a workplace Ninja, do they need throwing stars?

July 3, 2023

In this inbetweener episode, The Occupational Philosophers dive into the world of job advertisements – the good, the not so good and the inbetween (ers).

Mmmm, did you see what they did there…?

  • When you are being asked for flexibility, do you turn up in a Yoga outfit? 
  • Does a workplace rockstar need to throw computers out the window and have half a shaved head? 
  • Would a ninja need to have a set of throwing stars? 
  • If you hit the ground running, what type of shoes would you need to wear? 
  • And finally, whilst it’s important, to be honest in recruitment ads, how honest can you be? 

The Occupational Philosophers hope you enjoy the show.

FYI: The Inbetweeners episodes are just that – smaller episodes ‘in between’ the longer format episodes designed to give a little kickstart to enable you to be the most curious, creative and imaginative cat you can be – and have some fun in the process.


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