Ep 77 Guest episode with Dr Marco Motta, expert in data analysis & visualisation, philosophy doctorate, and funk-rock musician!

October 18, 2023

In Episode 65, The Occupational Philosophers chat with Dr Marco Motta, who specialises in data analysis and visualisation, with a strong track-record transforming the performance reporting culture of large organisations.

He marries this with a doctorate in philosophy from the University of Queensland and uses his background in critical thinking to help organisations and clients identify, define, break-down and solve complex business challenges.

More importantly, he used to have a funk-rock band together with his brother in their teenage years,and they  recently decided to record a cover of the Eurythmics’ classic, “Sweet Dreams,” – we heartily recommend this…Youtube link below!

This is a great conversation with a guest who puts the Aristotle in Analytics!


In this episode, they explore, and scuttle down some real rabbit-holes, on some mind bending topics:

  • How morality and ethics are culture dependent [12:00]
  • What’s a slash chord?! (Listen to the first piano accompaniment on this podcast!) [17:50]
  • What is truth? How do we know we exist? Should we put Descartes before the horse? [25:05]
  • Is Gravity an absolute fact? Is it just a dip in Space-Time? Might John float out of his chair? [28:50]
  • Is Schroedinger’s cat alive or dead? The answer finally revealed! [35:39]
  • How Philosophy usefully informs data analytics and visualisation [37:55]
  • Why organisations that can manage uncertainty are better equipped to navigate the future [41:25]
  • What are ‘weak truths’ and how do help us? [43:01]
  • How does creativity and painting play into data visualisation? [48:01]
  • Will our robot overlords vaporise us? [54:00]
  • What advice does Marco have for teams and organisations? [1:05:17]
  • When is the ‘Occupational Philosophers After Dark’ podcast launching?

And as always, they expand Marco’s thinking with their very own ‘Thought Experiments’; this episode they have:

  • Busting Urban Myths 


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What if Red Hot Chilli Peppers played Sweet Dreams







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