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The Occupational Philosophers

Would you like to fulfill your potential to be the curious, creative, and imaginative star that you are, or would like to be? You already know in your bones that you are a creative beast, but maybe you just don't quite know how to unleash it – perhaps it’s an ignored talent in writing, leading innovation at work or simply underwater basket weaving.

Every fortnight, John, a mild-mannered, middle-aged British man with a love of curiosity and philosophy, and Simon, a slightly louder, middle-aged Australian surfer man, artist and published author on creativity chat with guests drawn from many walks of life who have woven creativity, curiosity and play into their everyday lives - and thrived personally and professionally in the process.

So, if you would like to listen to a “not so serious business podcast” and would like some thoughts, tools, and tips on staying curious, creative and asking those really great questions (and leading a most interesting life in the process) then this is the podcast you have been waiting for all your life. Well, maybe not all your life, but for a while…

And why a ‘not so serious business’ podcast’? Whilst your business (and ours) is a serious business, we felt that after the year of 2020 there is enough seriousness in the world without us adding any more. And we have tried it (being serious) and it just didn’t work.

The Occupational Philosphers manifesto

We are driven by a call to arms.... to be the best Occupational Philosophers we can be

There is no such thing as a stupid question, unless it’s ‘Can I marry my cat?’
Be imaginative, let your mind play; it’s what makes us human
Try new things OFTEN. Look in NEW PLACES. See what’s around the CORNER. Look under the Wheelbarrow
Smile and believe in yourself. Ignore the inner and outer Ogres who say you can’t
Stop consuming and start creating; Make things as there is an artist inside all of us screaming to get out
Be curious, always come with a question not just an answer for everything
Throw off your comfort blanket and learn to love riding a wild pony around the edge of your comfort zone
Be you and be prepared to stand apart; your tribe will find you
Remember you were a child once, go find them again! Your creative self is waiting for you
Be bold, no one ever died wishing they had been more boring

The Occupational Philosphers Maniguesto

It’s not just what we have to say. We are curious about what our guests have to share. Welcome to the Maniguesto

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The Occupational Philosophers is a not-so-serious business podcast to spark imagination, creativity, and curiosity.

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