Ep.88: Guest episode with Friska Wirya – Top 50 Change Management Thought Leader | TEDx Speaker | #1 Best-Selling Author

April 23, 2024

In episode 88, The Occupational Philosophers chat with Friska Wirya: Top 50 Change Management Thought Leader | TEDx Speaker | #1 Best-Selling Author “The Future Fit Organisation”

Friska is a change and transformation expert for nearly a decade, obsessed with all things organisational change. She’s led change programs influencing up to 23,000 people across 6 of the seven continents having worked for some of the biggest names in mining, engineering and technology.

She has appeared in Sydney Morning Herald, SmartCompany, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, GRAZIA, AICD, Women’s Agenda, Digital Transformation Live, Wonder Women Tech, Future of Mining, Women in Construction & Engineering, Women in Mining & Energy Indonesia

She is the founder of Fresh by Friska  Building the change intelligence of global organisations so change is an advantage, not an Achilles heel.

In this episode, they explore: 

  • The importance of turning contempt into curiosity 
  • Why you need both a great tech stack and a people stack 
  • Why the opposite of play is disengagement 
  • The importance of change in our physical surroundings 
  • Swift-Onomics and hearing the words cock blocked and Swift-Onomics in the same sentence 
  • Why understanding your personal dress style may be more important than you think 
  • How to know when a digital transformation has actually worked – speed, adoption and proficiency
  • If you’re not getting the right info, ask! 
  • Why we need to watch out for one bed/ten dreams 
  • Action creates motivation 
  • What a future fit mindset looks and feel like
  • Equestrian riding whilst wearing mankinis 

As always, there are some great thought experiments. This episode it’s “Do you have any change?”. Friska is also gracious enough to answer some listeners’ questions. 

Friska is an absolute delight with a great sense of humour and The Occupational Philosophers hope you enjoy the show 

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