Ep. 90 Inbetweeners – Humility v Hubris v Brumble

May 14, 2024

In this short, sharp inbetweener episode The Occupational Philosophers explore Humility, and it’s Sith brother, Hubris…

Amongst other things, they discuss:

  • How curiosity needs to be wedded to humility
  • What the Greeks made of humility and why hubris was a crime
  • Why you should listen to your father (Heads up Icarus!)
  • What is an ‘Idea Baby’ and why you need to let your baby be called ugly
  • How humility fuels learning and listening
  • What’s a ‘brumble’? And why is Linkedin full of them?
  • And finally, Simon and John are shocked, awed and humbled to be hosting a Top 10 (%) podcast….

The Occupational Philosophers hope you enjoy the show! 

FYI: The Inbetweeners episodes are just that – smaller episodes ‘in between’ the longer format episodes designed to give a little kickstart to enable you to be the most curious, creative and imaginative cat you can be – and have some fun in the process

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