In their inaugural episode, The Occupational Philosophers dive into: 

  • The no.1 thing that kills your creative potential, whether that’s at work, at home, or in the bath 
  • Some tactics on how to deal with it 
  • Some key ways to have a little less of this creativity killer at work that doesn’t make you look like a free loving, sandal-wearing hipster that says stuff like, “Let’s get in the flow brothers and sisters, don’t hold back, release your inner animal and lets’ freestyle” 

They also explore:

  • The importance of a philosopher’s mindset 
  • Being OK with dangerous ideas
  • Spending time out of our comfort zones and….
  • Ping pong balls on crack 
  • The importance of always asking questions
  • Dealing with negative self-talk 
  • Some simple ways to bring more curiosity and into your workplace (and your life)

They will also introduce you to thought experiments (as done by Philosophers throughout the ages) as they explore ‘Would you rather…?’ and ‘True or not’ 

Most importantly, there is plenty of inspiration to ensure you become the creative beast you were designed to be. 

As discussed in the show, check out Ken Robinson’s Ted Talk – Do schools kill creativity?

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