In episode 12, The Occupational Philosophers dive into the world of Accidental Mashups, Insatiable Curiosity and how they drive Innovation.

  • Why an insatiable curiosity is at the heart of entrepreneurialism (and it’s how they see opportunities that other people miss)
  • How being open to surprises, coincidences and mistakes we can deliver some fantastic insights that can drive innovation
  • Why innovation is never linear (as much as we would like it to be)
  • The importance of asking curious questions and how two key questions kicked off two of the worlds most innovative companies
  • How some of our most famous inventions are the result of accidents and unexpected mashups
  • Why the most exciting phrase in science is “Mmmmm, that’s funny”
  • How unexpected incidences can bring around amazing insights – if you are open to them
  • Why you should always take the laundry out ahead of answering the telephone
  • Maybe it’s time to rethink the ven diagram

They also explore such job interview questions such as:

  • Why are manholes round?
  • Are you a hunter or gatherer?
  • What type of tree are you?

As always there are some great thought experiments including:

  • Word mashups
  • A deep dive into the psychology of choices (and what it says about your life)

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