In episode 13, The Occupational Philosophers explore the concept of FLOW……

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi was the Godfather of Flow State (and just recently passed away in Oct 2020) 

Csikszentmihalyi started his initial observations and studies on artists.  He noted that the act of creating seemed at times more important than the finished work itself and he was fascinated by what he called the “flow” state, in which the person is completely immersed in an activity with intense focus and creative engagement. He set his life’s work to scientifically identify the different elements involved in achieving such a state.

He introduced flow theory in the 1970s and designed 9 key steps to achieve a state of flow and the theory of flow has continued to grow and expand on hos great work. 

In this episode they explore: 

  • What flow is 
  • Why flow matters 
  • How to be in the flow (or a more modern-day version of in the groove) 
  • How to create the conditions where an intersection of challenge and activity will enable flow to thrive
  • The importance of setting goals to achieve flow 
  • Why happiness can come from unusual places 
  • How leaders in organisations can create an environment of flow 
  • The importance of letting go of ego in finding flow
  • Key steps for teams to find their flow 

Enjoy the show! 


Candi Stanton 

Candi Stanton “Open my eyes” 

9 steps to create flow

Team Flow 



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