Whilst all of the above is true, The Occupational Philosophers have decided they need to drink their own Kool-Aid and explore what’s possible with micro experiments, trying new things, understanding how things work and embracing a curious, imaginative and creative mindset each and every day. 

In this 15-minute inbetweener episode, they explore: 

  • The impact of a curious and creative exercise every day 
  • Why small steps can help to make a big impact (and most likely essential to achieving big goals) 
  • How creating nudges and visual cues can get you closer to being a creative cat 
  • Why John’s January advent calendar is a very successful experiment 
  • Why Simon is no closer to being on a Beer Commercial 

Watch our for a short, sharp inbetweener episode every second Monday (yes, that’s right, that makes The Occupational Philosophers now a weekly show) 

More Episodes:

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