In Episode 23, The Occupational Philosophers chat with Mike Parsons – This guy is one curious cat. He’s left a footprint across the globe with multiple careers in music, advertising, design, technology and innovation.

Since quitting university after seven weeks, Mike has gone on to achieve remarkable feats. He launched Australia’s first internet radio station, lived and worked in Europe and USA, claimed a Guinness Book of Record and sold his Silicon Valley Startup.

Mike is currently the Chief Executive Officer at Qualitance. Together with over 200 staff, he helps clients build future growth products – from banks in Europe to Ford Motors in Australia and Anastasia Beverly Hills in the USA.

During his time in advertising, Mike won many global awards – DA&D Pencils, Cannes Lion’s, Effie’s – even a TED award.

His talks span innovation, marketing and embracing change in the business world. He’s passionate about understanding how to unlock the value in Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Rapid Prototyping, and Agile Development in a world defined by technology and data. He’s appeared on CNN and the FT.

Mike’s Moonshots Podcast has over 50,000 monthly listeners (that’s a lot of fans) and goes behind the scenes of the world’s greatest superstars, thinkers and entrepreneurs to discover the secrets to their success.

In this episode, they explore:

  • What 3 things unite some of the most creative, innovative and entrepreneurial minds of our time
  • Why mindset and working ‘on yourself’ is crucial to success in any endeavour
  • How visual storytelling and rapid prototyping helps people get on the same wavelength at speed 
  • How to introduce structured learning into your teams and organisation
  • The conditions you need to cultivate creativity and innovation
  • What are the Moonshot questions which create a 10x transformation? 

As always, there is an original thought experiment and this time they ask Mike:

  • Moonshot or Moonshit?

There is so much goodness in this episode and we hope you enjoy the chat with Mike as much as we did.

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