In this Inbetweeners episode, The Occupational Philosophers build on the idea of a curiosity advent calendar – for teams.

Imagine…..every team meeting, reaching into the curiosity box (interesting already isn’t it?) and pulling out a short activity to drive creativity, curiosity and imagination in that meeting or in the week ahead?

Or in a more businessey way – “driving an innovative force of agile and entrepreneurial dynamism across the different learning modalities and networks of the brain to master workplace performance.”

Mmmm, that could be interesting…….

How about:

  • Inventing a team holiday?
  • Watch a 15 min Ted Talk and share what you liked?
  • Have your own “What’s caught your eye?” this week?
  • Share a travel story. What insight from your travel time could be useful at work now?

Small, tiny shifts in thinking can bring about BIG changes – and the odd smile as well.

Watch this space for when we release the full curiosity advent calendar (for any month of the year)

We hope you enjoy the show.


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