In Episode 21, The Occupational Philosophers re-dive into the business, life, and leadership lessons we can learn from three very well-known artists – Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, and Picasso.

Along the way they explore: 

  • How innovation happens when we join the dots and make connections from wildly different things 
  • How we need to be open to change and constant reinvention 
  • The importance of not overthinking, just get started and the thinking will come 
  • Why we need to be open to all types of thinking styles 
  • How curiosity and asking why can change the way you see the world and the life you live. If you’re curious, we can see unseen opportunities 
  • How great things can happen at the intersection of art and science (or any intersection of different fields) 
  • Why you should never hide your light under a bucket and also be careful with cutlery experiments in bed 
  • How the setting of a joyous intent can set your day up for a little magic 

As with all episodes, The Occupational Philosophers conduct a thought experiment called “Things artists do” 

As always, there are some great lessons and ways to bring more imagination, creativity, and curiosity into your workplace and how to live a most interesting life in the process. 

They hope you enjoy the show. 


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