In Episode 25, The Occupational Philosophers dive into the world of Philosophy as they learn more about some of their favourite chin strokes and importantly, what we can apply in life and business right now (yes, that’s correct – right now!)  

In this episode, they explore:

  • How asking questions like Socrates can help teams define success
  • Why humility is the essential wingman of curiosity
  • What can Plato’s allegory of the cave tell us about reality
  • Why philosophy begins with wonder
  • How Aristotle can help you build your team’s creative muscle
  • Why running a dating agency for chickens is not a viable business

As always, there is an original thought experiment and this time they ask:

  • Would you rather?

The Occupational Philosophers hope you enjoy the show. 

Simon’s new showreel (MUST SEE VIEWING!!)  



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