In episode 29, the Occupational Philosophers ask the very important question of “Is technology killing our creativity?”

Fulfilling John’s high school dreams of a career in law they take a for and against argument and explore both sides of the argument. 

In this episode, they discuss: 

  • The different types of curiosity and how technology drives each of them 
  • How technology both fuels and diminishes empathy 
  • Why it’s important to consider the spaces and places we create for curiosity and creativity
  • How travelling pre-mobile phone may have been a very different experience 
  • Why we need to create online and offline spaces for creativity 
  • How interrupting your flow can drop your IQ (watch out!) 
  • Why our humanness is more important than ever 
  • Can robots create art (or is it just craft?) 
  • Why data is nothing without…..

As always, (and in the tradition of the great philosophers of the past – not the John and Simon count themselves in that space by any means – John is in training, however), there are some great thought experiments.

For episode 29, the thought experiment is: 

  • App or Crap? 

We hope you enjoy the episode as much as The Occupational Philosophers enjoyed making it. 

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