Episode 27, The Occupational Philosophers chat with Jez Rose, a true example of someone with boundless curiosity and a hunger to keep learning. He has been a presenter on children’s television, hosted his own show for ITV1, been a co-host of Saturday Kitchen (BBC1) and special guest on James Martin’s Saturday Morning.

He’s written six books,  including ‘Flip the Switch: achieve extraordinary things with simple changes to the way you think’.  He’s a podcaster with the  Roots, Wings & Other Things podcast AND more recently the human podcast, which over 23 episodes, explores what it really means to be human.

Jez is an internationally renowned behaviourist, professional speaker, and the “go-to” guy for memorable presentations on how to change human behaviour. Today, Jez travels extensively, presenting to organizations worldwide and for more than sixteen years has been working with organisations worldwide to help engage, inspire and upskill their teams. Phew….that’s a LOT of stuff. 

In this episode, they explore:

  • What it means to be human
  • Why ‘grow slow’ could be a more useful mantra as everything else speeds up
  • How observing nature and the seasons can teach us valuable lessons about change
  • What can you do with a team to unleash its’ innovation and imagination
  • How leaders need to provide the fuel which sparks the fire of creativity
  • Why John knows more about Jez than his Mum does

As always, there are some original thought experiments and this time they have:

  • Listener questions (including the worry of Bladderwort)

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