In episode 20, The Occupational Philosophers build on the idea of a curiosity advent calendar – for teams. For all of us, it’s easy for thining to become a little ‘vanilla/boring/same-same. As we know, a great question can do the heavy lifting and can power creativity.

Imagine, sitting down each day and asking one of these questions each day? 

  • If we hosted a forum on why our products and services suck, what would be the main points? 
  • Steve Jobs comes back from the dead – what would you showcase as your greatest innovation? 
  • What’s the most outlandish idea that could bring the biggest change to this team? 
  • If our team is currently playing a safe game of vanilla lawn bowls, what would a game of no holds barred ice hockey look like – possibly naked? 
  • Who moved my cheese? And my crackers? And other condiments?

Truthfully, question five had good intentions but there’s some debate as to where it ended up.  

We hope you enjoy the episode, and, as always: 

  • Stay curious
  • Make stuff 
  • Have fun 
  • Play more 


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