Ep.72 – How to cultivate moments of Serendipity

August 17, 2023

In this short-ish Inbetweener episode, The Occupational Philosophers dive into and muse on the idea of Serendipity. Between them they explore: 

  • Actually, what is Serendipity? (you will have to listen) 
  • Why dumb luck isn’t a thing – despite that person always getting a job they don’t deserve or are qualified for 
  • The danger of trying to manifest middle-class moments
  • Why it’s essential to be open to the world around us – as chance encounters are everywhere 
  • How our biases rationalise chance encounters to pretend they didn’t happen 
  • Why curiosity is at the heart of moments of serendipity 
  • How being a super explorer can create moments of serendipity 
  • How the discovery of Penicillin is considered a triumph of serendipity 
  • The power of a watermelon, an ear bud and a jelly bean in the right hands
  • And finally, how the unlucky butcher can be a metaphor for us all 

The Occupational Philosophers hope you enjoy the show! 



The Serendipity Mindset: The art and science of good luck 


FYI: The Inbetweeners episodes are just that – smaller episodes ‘in between’ the longer format episodes designed to give a little kickstart to enable you to be the most curious, creative and imaginative cat you can be – and have some fun in the process.


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