In Episode 8, The Occupational Philosophers dive into the business and life lessons we can learn from three very well known artists.

Starting at the rebirth of humanism, creativity and curiosity and a general ‘coming out of the dark’ (also known as the Renaissance), they take us through the minds of two of the Renaissances shining lights, Michaelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci.

Keeping a very non-linear history line, they then scoot forward 400 years and spend some time getting to know the amazing Frieda Kahlo better

Along the way they explore:

  • The importance of embracing your uniqueness and not hiding away what makes you different (as that’s where your talents lie)
  • Why we should all be lifelong learners and remembering that not everything is taught in school
  • How innovation happens when we join the dots and make connections from wildly different things
  • Why it’s important to record your ideas  and putting them into the world and not just let them idly float by
  • How curiosity and asking why can change the way you see the world and the life you live
  • Why all leaders need to allow the unique Leonardos’ in their teams to shine and thrive

As with all episodes, The Occupational Philosophers conduct some great thought experiments. Are you ready for “Art or Shart?”

As always, there are some great lessons and ways to bring more imagination, creativity and curiosity into your workplace and how to live a most interesting life in the process.

They hope you enjoy the show.

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