In Episode 7, The Occupational Philosophers chat with global humanitarian, childhood conservationist, lifelong play enthusiast and founder of The Flying Seagull Project, Ash Perrin.

Since 2008, The Flying Seagull Project has brought love, light and laughter to more than 200,000 children in 23 countries across four continents in challenging and desperate situations, including hospitals, orphanages and refugee camps. They use clowning, magic, games and arts workshops to replace fear and uncertainty with positive human connections based on respect, happiness and laughter.

Ash is the author of ‘The Real Play Revolution’,  a Ted Speaker and an all-around creative and joyous person.

In this episode, they explore:

  • How play is a universal feeling of liberation, creativity and expression and a safety net for learning
  • Why the world is just waiting for your amazing ideas
  • How to bring ‘play’ into the workplace that doesn’t make you feel like an idiot
  • That the best ideas and the most stupid ideas come out of the same well
  • If you are below the age of 99, being asked to grow up is an act of violence

They also dive into:

  • The emergence of the Monkey Christ
  • Why neck ties should be banned unless fluorescent
  • The board of brilliance and the bucket of goodbyes

As always, there are some great thought experiments such as:

  • If I were Prime Minister…..
  • Is this a real job or not? (Surf barista anyone?)


The Flying Seagull Project

The Real Play Revolution (book)

Ash Perrin Ted Talk

Check out the Bus

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