In episode 5, The Occupational Philosophers get really curious about questions (and questions are what this show is all about). Questions come in all shapes and sizes and John and Simon have a good look at them all.

Importantly, they explore how great questions can have such a positive impact on the world of work and living a great life.

Amongst other things, The Occupational Philosophers leave no stone unturned as they traverse the world of curiosity and questions and discover:

  • Curiosity did not kill the cat, it made it super cat (who would have thought?) 
  • How questions can do the heavy lifting 
  • Why Albert Einstein may not be the right person in the Presidents crisis room
  • How to make sure you are asking the most important questions
  • The importance of changing the constructions and the scope of your questions
  • How big questions can change your life 

Along the way, they also conduct some thought experiments including: 

  • Imagine Aliens arrive and they……What would you do? 
  • John dives deep into Simons mind, personality and values as he takes him through a relational psychology experience called “walking in the woods” 

As ever, The Occupational Philosophers give you some key tips to fulfill your potential to be the curious, creative, and imaginative star that you are, or would like to be – at work, at home or in the bath. 


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