In Episode 4, The Occupational Philosophers chat with glorious, amazingly talented and hilarious performer Tamara Cambell.

Tamara has literally performed all over the world

In this episode we explore:

  • What it means to be human 
  • How vulnerability comes before trust rather than the other way around (leaders, take note!) 
  • Why it’s important to look “something awesome about you” in other people 
  • The different alter egos we all have and how to ensure the right one turns up
  • Where creativity comes from – and it takes a lot of practice 
  • Breaking out of comfort zones and how to make people feel amazing 
  • How the human race is evolving to have herd immunity against arseholes 
  • Lessons learnt from performing all over the world and training at the world-renowned Dell’Arte School of Physical Theatre

As with all episodes, we have some great thought experiments as we explore Famous Love Parents and have some great listener questions. 

Tamara is an absolute star and there is so much joy and wisdom in this episode. Enjoy! 

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