In episode three, The Occupational Philosophers explore a history of chin strokers (AKA Philosophers) throughout time from Socrates through to Voltaire, and even Seth Godin.

Importantly, as a not-so-serious business podcast, they dive into what we can learn from this ancient and more recent wisdom to enable us to thrive in our more modern times.

The Occupational Philosophers explore:

  • The importance of always asking great questions (unless you’re a certain philosopher who didn’t know when to stop!)
  • How positive micro habits can drive big change in our lives
  • The rise of the ‘miserabilists’ (and wasn’t that a fun time??)
  • Why we should stay curious and be open changing paths as new information comes our way
  • The importance of having a go at life and ripping the s#*t out of it
  • How leaders can embrace some philosophy to positively change the culture in their organisation
  • All the great chin stroker aphorisms and quotes that still hold true today including, “Curiosity is the lust of the mind” (A favourite Occupational Philosophers quote)

As with all episodes, they conduct some thought experiments covering:

  • Which philosopher would do you take to Ibiza?
  • Do I really have nothing to lose but my socks?

As always, there are some great lessons that you can apply to the world of work and leading a more curious, interesting and creative life.

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