Jemma Enright is a strategic and creative innovator who has an entrepreneurial spirit bigger than Mt Everest.  She takes opportunities from little beans to full Jack and the Beanstalk scenario but with a much friendlier ending with no real Giants dying in the process. She is strongly connected to the startup and innovation community, as well as the media and advertising community. She plays an active role in mentoring startups and future innovators as well as being a strong advocate for women and diversity in innovation. She has been an angel investor and has been both an intrapreneur, driving change in large companies, and an entrepreneur, taking an exciting new startup in the personal finance space, MoneyBrilliant, from idea to an exit in the role of CEO and Cofounder. 

She is a real-world, kick-ass, start-up Mega star and one awesome person to boot! 

In this episode, the Occupational Philosophers explore: 

  • What surprised her most about launching and selling a business? 
  • The make-up of a perfect team to launch, scale and then sell a business
  • The how/when/where of looking for funding for your idea 
  • The one key thing to nail on your start-up journey
  • What is customer centricity and importantly, how do we become more customer-centric?
  • What do potential entrepreneurs need to consider before doing the work of launching a startup? 
  • Why you need to be careful with the term entrepreneur porn 

As always, there are some great thought experiments including “start up or wind up?” 

The Occupational Philosophers hope you enjoy the show as much as they enjoyed making it!

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