Ep. 75: Guest episode with Chi Ryan – Global design guru, writer, researcher, lecturer & all round creative polymath.

October 5, 2023

In episode 75, The Occupational Philosophers chat with Design Guru, Chi Ryan.  

Chi is a designer, writer, researcher, learner, educator and all round creative polymath. She is obsessed with design that puts experience first

She helped everyone from hungry startups to global giants transform through design and has led, taught and been part of teams designing digital and physical products, services, brands, events, physical spaces, processes, values, systems, learning experiences, rituals, models, methods and almost everything in between.

She has led cross-functional research, design and innovation practices (Fjord/Accenture Song, Idean/Frog/Capgemini Alumni) around the world (from London to Milan and Hong Kong to New York. 

Chi is currently a higher-degree by research candidate at Torrens University where my practice-based research focuses on exploring the nexus of design, post-humanism, economics, ethics and philosophy through the lens of radical design theory. She is also Adjunct Faculty at RMIT University in Melbourne

In this episode, they explore: 

  • What is design and why does great design matter? 
  • What’s behind the groundbreaking talk of “Dude, where’s my creativity?” 
  • What is post-design? (Get ready for the best answer ever) 
  • Why you will never look at an LA bus stop in the same way
  • Why absurdity, provocativity, spectacle, nostalgia and mythology need to be in the conversation of great design
  • Why Derida was a polarising philosopher 
  • Why all leaders should smile a little more 

As always, there are some great thought experiments. This time they explore the minds of French Philosophers through the thought experiment of Blankety Blanc…

There is so much insane depth and insight and Chi is a very funny guest so The Occupational Philosophers hope you enjoy the show as much as they enjoyed making it. 

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