Do you sometimes get out of bed and wonder why you do what you do? 

Maybe you’re wondering about your ‘why’ or ‘purpose’? 

Are you so passionate about what you do that maybe a simple ‘why’ statement is just not enough? 

Well most likely then, it’s time to write your Manifesto!! 

What’s a manifesto? 

According to Wikpedia, a manifesto is “A manifesto is a published declaration of the intentions, motives, or views of the issuer, be it an individual, group…..A manifesto is often politicalsocial or artistic in nature, sometimes revolutionary, but may present an individual’s life stance.” 

In this episode, John and Simon read out a manifesto that fluffing fires them up and they explore why we should all get a little more passionate about what we do, why we do it, and why it matters 

The Occupational Philosophers hope you enjoy the show (they really enjoyed making this episode of their not-so-serious business podcast.) And as The Occupational Philosophers always say: stay curious, make stuff, play more, have fun, and date life.

FYI: The Inbetweeners episodes are just that – smaller episodes ‘in between’ the longer format episodes designed to give a little kickstart to enable you to be the most curious, creative and imaginative cat you can be – and have some fun in the process.

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