In this Inbetweeners episode, the Occupational Philosophers explore the true meaning, origin story and get really curious about some of those hackneyed, over-used corporate sayings that really need to pass away and live in the after life. 

  • Really, what does circle around mean? 
  • What is the origin and true meaning of low-hanging fruit? How low is low fruit before it’s on the ground?
  • Who is measuring the right angle to pivot? 
  • Can we really give 110% if the scale ends at 100%? Is there a level of maths we don’t know about? 
  • Were cavemen and cave women encouraged to think outside the cave? 
  • Do we need to wear lead pants to protect our 100%? 
  • When you say deep dive, do you mean with air or free diving? 

Whilst this episode is a little loose, The Occupational Philosophers (as always) ask those really deep and meaningful questions that we should all ponder – in the corporate world and beyond. 

They hope you enjoy the show…

The Occupational Philosophers promise you won’t be overly disappointed – maybe a little but not too much….And as they always say: stay curious, make stuff, play more, have fun, and date life.

FYI: The Inbetweeners episodes are just that – smaller episodes ‘in between’ the longer format episodes designed to give a little kickstart to enable you to be the most curious, creative, and imaginative cat you can be – and have some fun in the process.

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