In Episode 50, The Occupational Philosophers chat with Ian Gilbert, the founder of Independent Thinking, a unique and highly influential organisation in education across the UK.  Independent Thinking seeks to move beyond teaching and learning, into motivation, creativity and leadership, social justice, neuroscience, inclusion, the environment and well-being.

He is a prolific author with many books including the ever-popular Thunks collection, and ‘Why Do I Need a Teacher When I’ve Got Google?’

He is committed to ongoing classroom work with children and young people, delivering keynotes and workshops at conferences around the world, and through his continuous work with teachers and leaders in schools, Ian has shown a whole generation of educators that there is always another way. 

He sets the bar when it comes to speaking to teachers, children and school leaders about his vision for education and unless someone is complaining their brain hurts, he knows he hasn’t got the message across yet.

In this episode, Ian and The Occupational Philosophers explore:

  • How we all need to capture those ‘sparks’ of creativity and imagination
  • Why the mainstream education system is fundamentally flawed
  • What education and learning might look like in 2052
  • The power of ‘Thunks’ and how they can help you think more deeply 
  • How to harness the diversity of thought and creativity within your team
  • Why not thinking is the best way to improve your thinking
  • Can you solve a problem through the medium of mime?

As always, there are some original thought experiments with this episode featuring:

  • Whose question is it anyway?
  • Thunk Tank

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Why do I need a teacher when I have Google?

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The Occupational Philosophers hope you enjoy the show (they really enjoyed making this episode of their not-so-serious business podcast.) And as The Occupational Philosophers always say: stay curious, make stuff, play more, have fun, and date life.

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